Ilera Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 20-22 June 2013: Imagining new employment relations and new solidarities.

Usefull apps

Holland Layer app

Discover interesting tourist information about the area around you with the Holland-Layer on your phone.

Layar is a free to use Augmented Reality application for iPhone and Android smart phones. When Layar is activated and you point your phone in any direction, Layar will use your camera feed to display layer specific information via a transparent filter.

Click here for a video on Layer or see below.

Download Holland Layar (App store) or Download Holland Layar (Android)

Amsterdam apps

Amsterdam Mobile Guide

Amsterdam’s highlights within reach on your mobile phone.

With the Amsterdam Mobile Guide you can:

  • Browse almost 200 of Amsterdam's best venues for travel,
  • Tour around Amsterdam using thoughtfully planned out 8-, 48-, and 72-hour itineraries,
  • Locate areas of interest on an interactive map,
  • View venues within walking distance of your current location in Amsterdam,
  • Keep Amsterdam's greatest at your fingertips even when you have no service.

Download the Amsterdam Mobile Guide (App Store)

AMS pocket guide 

Free GPS city guide. Various languages available.
Download the AMS pocket guide (App Store)

100% City guide AMS

Discover the city in no time. Available in English. €6,99
Download the 100% city guide AMS (App store)

Amsterdam Travel Guide - Lonely Planet

A usefull travel guide of Amsterdam. €4,99
Download the Amsterdam travel guide - lonely planet (App store)

Amsterdam Transport Map

This app is made for the iPhone and iPad. Language: English. Downloadable for free.
Download the Amsterdam Transport Map (App store)



Droam enables you to stay fully online at your foreign destination, at a fraction of the cost that you are accustomed to. Cheap mobile internet abroad, made possible by a combination of a MiFi that connects up to 5 smartphones, laptops or tablets, and a SIM card that provides data roaming at a truly affordable price.

Droam does not use your own mobile phone, so switching SIM cards is not required. You can be reached on your own number, even when you’re online. Stay connected with Droam without worrying about the costs!
Find out more about cheap mobile internet with Droam and how you can save yourself money during your stay in the Netherlands. Or order your cheap mobile internet via Droam.

Shiphol Airport

The official Schiphol app with information on all flights and notifications is downloadable for free. Languages: Dutch and English.
Download the Schiphol Amsterdam Airport (App store)


You can assemble your own ILERA programme and download all accompanying session material under the Programme menu Download Papers.


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