Ilera Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 20-22 June 2013: Imagining new employment relations and new solidarities.


Professor Jelle Visser (AIAS, University of Amsterdam)

Thursday 20 June 2013, 12.30 hrs.

Jelle Visser (1946) is professor of empirical sociology at the University of Amsterdam. He is affiliated to  the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS), an interdisciplinary centre for research and graduate teaching at the University of Amsterdam, with participation from economics, sociology, psychology, law and occupational health. 
He is the (co-)author of several books and some 100 refereed articles on industrial relations, trade unions, labour markets, working time and organisation. Download the presentation here.


Professor Claire Kilpatrick (European University Institute)

Friday 21 June 2013, 17.30 hrs

Ms Kilpatrick is professor of International and European Labour and Social Law. Her research interests are the following: EU social law and policy, EU internal market and social protection, Comparative labour and employment law, Equality and anti-discrimination law, labour rights as human rights, Globalization and labour.


Professor Peter Boxall (University of Auckland)

Saturday 22 June 2013, 16.00 hrs

Professor Peter Boxall has worked in corporate business (at Powell Duffryn Ltd, UK), in management consultancy (at PricewaterhouseCoopers) and in tertiary education. He holds an MCom from The University of Auckland and a PhD from Monash University (where he was a research fellow in the National Key Centre in Industrial Relations in 1990-91). In 1998 and in 2006, he was a Visiting Professor in the Work and Employment Research Centre at the University of Bath. He is the author of various articles in international journals and co-author or editor of eight books including (with John Purcell) ‘Strategy and Human Resource Management’ (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003, 2008, 2011). He is an Associate Editor of Human Resource Management Journal and Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources and a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Management Studies, the British Journal of Industrial Relations, the International Journal of Human Resource Management, and the International Journal of Management Reviews. At Auckland University, Dr Boxall has held various administrative roles, including Head of the Department of Management and Employment Relations (2002-2005). He is currently Associate Dean: Research.


Professor Guglielmo Meardi (University of Warwick, WBS)

Saturday 22 June 2013, 16.00 hrs

Guglielmo Meardi is professor of Industrial Relations & Director of the Industrial Relations Research Unit. He arrived to Warwick in 1999, after studying in Italy, France and Poland. He has held visiting positions at the Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian Academies of Sciences, and at universities in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. He is a co-editor of "Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology", and member of the editorial boards of "European Journal of Industrial Relations", "Emecon", "Industrielle Beziehungen" and (until 2010) "Work, Employment and Society"


Plenary Panel: Young Talent

Friday 21 June 2013, 11.00 hrs

Chaired by Maria Jepsen, introduction by Erika Mezger. 1. Sophie Rosenbohm "The European Company (SE) - Leading to New Forms of Employee Involvement and Transnational Solidarity?" 2. Chiara Benassi, Tim Vlandas "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? A cross-country analysis of the determinants of union strategies towards nonstandard workers." 3. Lisa Dorigatti "Defending the core? An analysis of trade union's behaviour towards outsourcing. Evidence from the German chemical and metal sector."


Plenary Panel: Dutch labour relations

Friday 21 June 2013, 14.00 hrs

Hosted by the NVA (Netherlands association for industrial relations). The renewal of the trade unions and the rationale of the Social Pact on ‘More work, more security’ and the national debate on the perspective of temp agency workers. Chairs: Paul de Beer and Marc van der Meer.


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